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I had to do something different with Elim. Similar to Brevig Mission,  the individual grains were very large, bordering on pebbles.  All of the sand grains, and the pebbles are igneous or metamorphic, and they are very varied. What I tried to do was give a cross section of the different pebbles that make up this very unusual sample. The top images without a 1 mm scale bar were taken at ZERO MAGNITUDE   All of the other images were taken at 1X MAGNIFICATION .  The individual particles were small enough to allow a spectrum, but I wouldn't have much faith in its accuracy. Enjoy!!



Space Shuttle 100mm Photograph

Image credit:  Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center (http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov)







ELIM 64.62N, 162.26W

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This sample was contributed by a  faculty member from the Anthony A. Andrews School in St. Michael, Alaska.

The Andrews School is a member of the Bering Strait School District.

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