Rock Around the World Results


The results are in. Come back to this site to see the link to your rock sample! Click here to see all of the samples sent to ASU from our area. Click on your name to go to your unique page. Click on the thumbnail of the sample to see a larger high resolution version. Click on the graph to do the same.


Violet B.


Mary Jo C.


Noreen C.


Jennifer C.


George H.


Carolyn H.


Pete H.


Carol L.


Glenn L.


Charlie L.


Karen M.


Eugene O.


John R.


Myrna W.


Agnus H.

Annie W.

Beth T.

Bill D.


Candy W.

Charlie L.

Dennis Z.


Geraldine T.

Helen C.


Noreen  C*.


Marie B.

Marilyn K.

Nancy C.

Paul (Rick) W.

Pete H.

* Helen C. was listed twice, so I assume one of these is Noreen. Nope! They changed it again. Now the second Helen C. is gone which probably means that Noreen is gone.

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